Thursday, January 26, 2012

What to do with the rest of that old crib?

     As many of you know I run a home business. I pride myself on having a pretty clean and organized (now) house but my work area is not one of those areas. I have a ton of important papers, reminders, etc. That sit on my desk in a pile. I dig through the pile when I need things and the pile gets messier. As you know we had that old crib on the side of our house the was just sitting there. I saw someone use the old crib springs in the kitchen to hold a market list, recipe cards, etc. or as a pot rack and decided to use the same idea but at my desk. Please ignore the not so neat work area, it is a project that I will be doing some time this year. If you have cute scrapbook storage ideas let me know. 
Anyways here it is on the wall. I was going to paint it but decided to keep it the rusty brown (I kind of love the old look of it) you could easily spray paint it with Rustolium spray paint to cover the rust. I used about 12 nails to hold it on the wall. If you look at the last picture you can see how I went through the springs on the crib to hold it on the wall. I made sure to find the studs and did three nails, one top, one middle and one at the base of the crib for each stud I found. It is really sturdy and even with the weight of the frames and stuff I added its totally secure. Best part is I can decorate it for holidays!  A little ribbon and cute stuff and it will be festive. 
Isn't it cute? I have some idea to decorate it up and maybe use holiday themes on it for each holiday. 
I can clip anything on it using hooks. I am going to get some clothes pins so it's cuter but for now I used what I had.  I even got my business card holder and a few of my favorite things on it.
Here is how it will look normally. 
You can tuck picture frames on it using the little foot thing on the back to stand them on a table. 
I put the nail through the springs to hold it up. Make sure you go through the stud in the wall to help support the weight. 

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