Friday, January 20, 2012

Odds and ends and my first sewing tutorial!

My knew towel hook. 
I found the cutest knob that I thought would be really cute in the bathroom as a towel holder. It was bright red so I gave it a little coat of paint and tapped in in the wall. I didn't think about it but the knob is slippery and the towel kept sliding off. My solution? Add a ribbon loop to the towel! Here is my first sewing tutorial complete with honesty and humor. 
Hmm, can't really see it. 
I took a regular hand towel. We like white because you can bleach it! With 3 boys we use a ton of bleach. 
I folded the towel in half to find the middle. I am going to be honest. I should have pinned the ribbon on but I hate to pin. It's like a little someone telling me what to do. I have rarely in my life used a pin. If you want to live on the safe side use a pin. By the way I know my Mom is going to comment on the no pin thing. So once I found the center I marked about an inch to each side of the fold. Again I do this by memory so to say I marked it is totally a lie. 
I folded the ribbon in half like in the picture. 
I folded it one more time to keep it from fraying. 
Put the ribbon on my imaginary mark ( please sew on the inside of the towel) and sewed one line forward, one line back and one line forward again. It's the same as when you finish sewing a line and you go back a little to hold the stitch.  
Like this. By the way I used cream thread so you could see what I was doing (another lie, totally didn't realize it)
Do the same thing again on the other imaginary mark and you have a loop!

After! You can see the pretty knob. 

Other odds and ends I did today included getting this fun bookshelf set up. My mom was getting rid of it so I decided it would be perfect next to our front door as a cute catch all. I added a bucket for our umbrellas, 3 of those 3m hooks that have the sticky stuff on them that doesn't ruin stuff to the side to hold jackets, BASKETS (love them, but you knew that) and the bottom shelf will be for shoes. I love the way it looks.
The kids got their late Christmas present in the mail today, a new computer. We told our oldest that if he got straight A's that we would buy a new computer. He got all A's and 1 B his first semester in high school after being a C student all of Jr. High so he got the computer. I set up a media station for the kids to do homework, computer time, etc. There are now two computers, containers for pens and stuff, baby wipes so no dirty hands will ouch the computer and 3 very happy kids!
My last project was hanging two new valances in the house. I have to tell you how thrilled I am about these valances. When we bought the house I bought 4 valances for the kitchen. I LOVE these valances. They are green plaid and have a country feel. Need I say more? Anyways I went back to buy more and of course they no longer make them. I have been searching for almost 6 years for more with no luck. I finally found 2 on ebay. A lady was redoing her house and getting rid of them. I got a great deal and I am in love. Even cooler because she emailed me after these arrived to tell me she had one more if I wanted it. My house is complete! Ok, enough of my craziness. Have a great weekend! 

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