Monday, January 30, 2012

New bedding

When we moved into our house our room was white. About 5 years ago my husband went away for the weekend and I decided to add chair rail and a deep burgundy color on the walls that he had picked out. I love the darkness it adds to the room when I am asleep but with dark walls, a dark burgundy quilt before, dark curtains, it always feels so dark. I decided that instead of painting the room again I would find a quilt that was bright and cheery and would help liven up the room. I have looked and looked for a new set but burgundy isn't all that popular anymore or when I did find a set I liked it was way over our price range. I look on various websites and ebay sometimes to see if I can come across a sale on something I like. After over a year I finally came across a quilt that had little touches of burgundy and tons of other great colors that I likes. I was able to win it in ebay for $30. It is brand new and I love it. Even better it is oversized and HUGE! I took a before picture of the room with the old bedding but I couldn't find it in my phone. It was a burgundy and deep brown pattern that was cheap and after one wash falling apart. What do you think of the new set?  

The bottom of the blanket touches the floor. I told you it was huge. 
The side reaches the floor as well. No more blanket fights. 
Tons of great colors. I love it. 
 I also installed two valances in the boys bedroom this morning between kid drop off at school and work. I knew I wanted brown or navy valances but didn't want to spend a ton. I found these at Lowes for under $2.00 each on clearance. Add a .99 rod to each window and the whole room go valances for $5. I may have to add some paw prints or something cute to liven them up but for now they look clean and complete! 

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