Friday, January 6, 2012

Jan. 6th- the dreaded spice cabinet!

I was going to make my loving husband some cookies as a nice gesture. I needed ground ginger for the recipe. I pulled out my container and it has expired in 1997!!! How gross would that have been. I love to cook but going into this spice cabinet is anything but inspiring. So guess what my project quickly because. Here is the beautiful (totally joking) before shot. DISASTER! 
I hate that I can never find the spices I need easily. I decided that instead of buying a spice rack I would build my own. I had some old wood from my business that I can't use for blocks but worked perfectly for my project. I cut 6 pieces at 14 inches each and stacked them to make shelves like this. If you don't have a saw Lowes and Home Depot will both make cuts for you. A 2x4 is $2.50! Not bad for a budget fix. 
I got a bunch of cute little bottles at Hobby Lobby for .50 each with a sale and coupon. I love deals. Total cost was $10 because the wood was free. I used some old mason jars for things like brown sugar, powdered sugar. Threw it all back in the cabinet and I am actually inspired to cook! I bought some vinyl to label everything but ran out of time so I will 
make that a project for another day. So here is the final product. Isn't that so much better? I think it took me about 40 minutes with building the shelf and filling all the bottles. Not bad at all I must say. 

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