Friday, January 27, 2012

My business area- a billion papers

For my business I have about 10,000 papers in files like this. I have to dig through the files that are organized by color each time I make a block. It is a disaster with 2 rolling carts, piles of extra paper in front of them and an entire book shelf of more papers next to the roll carts. It is a mess and drives me batty every time I look at it. I have been looking for a solution for months. I finally came across a link on youtube where I woman made magazine holders from cardboard boxes. I thought it would be perfect but instead of magazines I would hold my crazy amounts of paper.  Here is the before. Makes you want to create doesn't it? 
Using USPS boxes cut in half like in the picture you get two holders that fit scrapbook paper perfectly. Isn't that awesome? The best part is I had the boxes sitting in my garage for my business and they were free. 
Close up of the boxes. I glues a piece of paper on the edge of each box with the color that is in that box to make it easier to find the color I need. 
So much better. 
Now I can easily get the papers I need and I can use them on the shelf or I can move the box to my desk area. I got this shelf unit at Lowes and although it cost about $70 it is a huge help to save time with my business so I didn't mind spending it. I have plans to rearrange things a little better in my desk area now that I have great storage but it took me so long to go through all the papers and cut the boxes I decided to save that for another day. 
I have plans to add mason jars of ribbon and a basket to hold all my paints. Cute it up a little. 

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