Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jan. 14th - mini projects and under the kitchen sink

I finally sat down and labeled all the baskets and containers that I have filled over the last few weeks. A few of them I used by cricut but since not everyone has a cricut I did the rages the cheap and easy way. I used index cards with hat ever was in the box written on them. I wanted them to be waterproof so I took some packing tape that is 2 inches wide and covered the whole card, punched a hole in the top and hung on the basket using $1 ribbon from Michael's. Cute, right?

A little coffee center. All of my morning coffee stuff in one place. It's like a hotel!
I got some tacky Christmas ornaments at Micheal's for .30 each that had a lovely gemstone hanging and a silver ribbon that was about as lovely. I dissected them. added some cute ribbon and new wall art for $1.90.
I had an old frame. I took a  piece of cardboard, some Elmer's glue and buttons and made a cute picture for nothing. 
Under the sink baskets. 
The completed spice jars with labels. white tape and a sharpy. Done!
Cricut labels for my jars. 
a new laundry soap jar I picked up for $4. and no ugly box to look at. 
A cute jar I got for $3 at Hobby lobby to hold dishwasher soap. 
Under the kitchen sink. Someone asked so here it is. 

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