Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jan. 10th - still going strong & the pantry

We are a family of 5. 5 mouths to feed, 4 lunches to pack each day, 5 people to store a ton of drink, snacks, and meals. I am back to work which means I have to do quick projects during nap time. One area in my home that I feel like I organize weekly when I go shopping is my pantry. By organize weekly I mean replenish the food that is gone and throw away empty wrappers the kids leave behind. Here is the  before. Lots of unorganized food, bags and containers left open and noone will eat them once they go stale. I see a ton of wasted food. Sad and expensive. Sorry the pic is blurry. It looks clearer on my phone. 

 I had all of these containers in my cabinets not being used. The ones for the cereal, chips, etc were my old flour and sugar containers. I got a new ceramic set that sits on the counter and put the old ones to good use. I love that you can see all the food so you know exactly what is there. I added a tote at the bottom to hold paper towel rolls, napkins, paper plates, etc. and a cute little basket to hold plastic silverware.  
 I pack the kids lunch each morning digging through the cabinet. I decided to make a lunch tote. It has everything I need to pack lunches and all I do is slide the tote out while I am making lunches and slide it back when I am done. I also did a snack tote for the boys. Any of the food in the tote is free to be eaten without asking me! I love the clean look and how organized it is. I can't wait to go shopping next time and know that I have a place for everything. 

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