Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jan. 17th - deal of the day and breaking the rules.

Let me start todays post with a few things. I started this blog with the intention of posting something each and every day except for when we are out of town or gone for an entire day from the house. With this being said life was thrown a little curve ball and I had to make an exception. I spent the last two days with the flu. I was going to try to do something even small but contrary to popular belief, I am not Super Woman!  
I took a few days off and even though I am not 100% still I had to make a trip out today to pick up a few things at the store. While I was at the market my favorite store next door was calling my name. I decided to make a quick trip into Michael's to pick up a basket that I had been eyeing. They were sold out of the basket I had been keeping an eye on (waiting for a sale) but I found a basket (or two) that I loved even more. They are the same green (my obsession with green) as my walls with a cute braid of twine on the side. My style and 50% off! Love a sale. 
I get to the front of the store and the lady who is ringing me up says it's my lucky day. She yells to another employee on the other side of the check stand area to go pull any other baskets like mine. Ok, totally confused I look at her and she tells me there are an old item and they are clearanced out. Sweet, even cheaper! She tells me they are .01 I am not even kidding. My for these 2 beautiful baskets was .02 yup, my 2 cents. Ok, I had to. 
my two new baskets. 
Here is what the lady explained. The basket area at Michael's and other areas that are a mess don't get organized and pulled like they should. items that have been there while and don't get pulled off the shelf go to .01. The lady said they have to sell it to you at that price. It is all Michael's stores. So next time you are at Michael's go for a dig and use their price scanner to see if anything comes up like mine did. How cool is that?
So what am I doing with these lovely baskets? 
here you go. I even included a pic of the receipt so you can see I am not full of it. 

I told you!
New toy basket at the base of our stairs. We use this to collect and carry stuff upstairs. 
the smaller one will hold or corn cozies. Maybe I will make a little tutorial on these bad boys soon. Love these things. 

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