Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Make up project

I got a picture of a cottage from my Mom over the weekend that I have always loved. It was another redo project. A few years ago my Mom had it re matted to a bright yellow to match her bedroom at the time. The yellow made the picture look funny and didn't help the colors to pop in it at all. I was so excited because I knew it would be an easy fix. .59 if you don't have the paint and you are set. Let me warn you that the images are bad. How on earth are you supposed to take a picture of glass in a room full of windows? Not my best images but you can see it good enough. 
I started by removing the back paper on the frame and lifting the staples to reveal the matt and image.  I used an old pair of scissors that I knew I couldn't hurt. 
I thought about just flipping the matt over and using the white but it was way to white for the picture. I decided to try to match the cottage color in the picture which was a light brown/taupe color. I mixed some acrylic paint colors together I already had until it was the right color. 
Using a foam brush I went to town on the matt. I did one coat, let it dry and painted it again. Super easy. Once it was dry I lined the picture back up and taped the back using scotch tape. Don't use anything strong or it can ruin the picture if you want to use it again down the road.
 Here is the centered image before it went in the frame. 

before close up (UGLY)
close up after (see the colors pop)
BEFORE not my favorite, a little dated looking. 

AFTER fresh and pretty

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