Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jan. 3rd- VIP (very important papers) station.

How often do your kids, hubby or yourself have papers that you throw in a pile on the counter or table? A few week later you go to look for them and they are nowhere to be found? How about a cute little place to store your bills and all the junk you really don't want to deal with but have to? Well I am the queen of junk drawers and cabinets so a place to keep it all and organized is essential. 
I have this small counter space in my kitchen that is the "catch all" cell phone chargers, bills, papers, change, etc and it is typically a mess. With redoing the cabinets a few days ago the before pic is clean but it never really looks like this.  

I had an old dry erase board that I decided to make the family center with little notes, important reminds and the market list (all magnetized to the dry erase board) I also got this cute little old milk jar looking holder at Michael's for $7 to holds pens, a dry erase market, scissors, paper clips and spare change. I had the market list (magnetized) and the magnets on the fridge already. 
I used an old napkin holder and a few files to organize life. There is a folder with each family members name and one that holds the bills. I didn't like the look of the boring manila folders to I got a piece of scrapbook paper and cut it to fit the front of the 1st folder. A little Elmer's glue and although they aren't all cute the one you can see it. The best part is the napkin holder allows for more files to be added if I find a need for one. 

About 15 minutes to dig out everything and $7 for the jar thing and a fun little VIP center. 
What do you think? I am thinking of painting the napkin holder but I want to live with it a few days before I make a decision. 
Happy organizing,

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