Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jan. 8th - Epic fail.

Everyone once in a great while Ali takes on a project she maybe shouldn't. When we cleaned the garage we found a handle that we bought about 5 years ago to fix the boys bathroom shower. It has leaked where the handle is on the wall since we first moved in. The kids can't use it because the knob pops off and you can't get the handle back on without turning the main water to the house off. Its a fun situation (kidding) so we have just left it along until now.
I took the mail twist handle off (after turning the water off to the house). This exposed a cartridge that we needed to replace. We had a new one but the one we had was the wrong kind. I ran to Lowes, Home Depot and Ace looking for the new one all with the water off at home and 4 boys in the house. Well our shower is the original from when they built the house. We finally found a woman at Ace who knew what I needed but told me that a piece was still in the wall and she needed to see that piece in order to get me the right replacement.
Let's just make this short and say that it was all corroded and fell apart while we were trying to get the second piece out of the wall.  After 2 hours of going to stores we can't get the piece because it is no longer made. We are super lucky because we were able to piece it back together enough and turn the house water back on without it leaking. Pj ran out of the house when we turned the water back on because he thought our house was going to lift into the air with all the water like a geyser. We have water again which is a plus but we didn't finish our project. We now have to cut our fiberglass bathtub/shower to replace the parts in the wall to make it all work again.
Basically our little project was an epic fail and I have no pictures to post. I will soon however have pictures on how to replace the pipes in the wall behind your shower. Fun!
Since out project was a bust we did buy a DVD shelf and organize all our DVD's, video games and cd's. They were in a giant overflowing tote in the garage that made it very difficult to ever watch a movie. Now it is all pretty and organized. We bought a caselogic case for each game system we own. Now all the games are safe and organized and labeled so they are easy to find. So we did still accomplish something!

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