Saturday, January 28, 2012

My desk area

      My work area is by far the place where I spend the most amount of time. I have tons of stuff for my business that normally looks a little (a lot) messy. After redoing the paper yesterday I decided that I needed to use the remaining shelf space to move some of the stuff off my desk and get it on those shelves. I woke up and went right to work. I organized, cleaned and purged. For my business it is key to be organized and have a great work area. 
     I didn't do anything fancy. I just cleaned and reorganized the space. I feel like I clean this area all the time but each time I buy something new or add a cool new toy to my business it takes more and more space. So the before... my sweater collection on my chair, college degree on the floor,  I cleaned the coffee cup collection last night, kids crafts in tubs under the desk, and the work area where I paint and glue everything is covered in purses and backpacks. Who wants to clean before they work? Not me!
Before. Messy and junk everywhere. 

The white board under everything is my block making area. Hmm, how am I going to make blocks on there? 

After! Clean, with everything in a place.  My crib art pretty and functional, my calendar where I can see it, a cutting area, Cricut area, writing area. I may be able to get some work done now.

Got my college degree off of the floor and back on the wall. 
Added some baskets (go figure) and tubs for stuff.  Supplies where I know my inventory.  My extra Cricut off the work table since I don't use it all the time.  Seeing this I realize I have far to much paper. 
The kinds of things you find when you clean. I thought I was out. 
Ready for work!

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