Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan. 13th - boys room again! It's getting old now.


The two younger boys were off of school today so we made today a FINISH their room. We made a trip to Ikea to get cheap bedspread covers and a rug to match. After ice cream at 10:30 am we made our way home. We decided that since we couldn't find dog bedding we would use non theme stuff and add giant canvas paintings that each boy painted all on their own. It seemed like a great idea until it led to an almost meltdown over a pomeranian not turning out right and hours of painting. It was fun but make sure you are caffeinated and up to a kid challenge.  The room still needs to be painted somewhere down the road but for now it is so much cleaner and organized. Mommy is happy!


Pj's finished art - Dogs eating popcorn
Cody's finished art. He LOVES dogs. 
Mommy's finished art
New bedspreads and rugs. It was all neat but the kids went and jumped on the beds minuted after I made them. I rolled my eyes and they said "we had to try them out."
The wall you can't see in the other pic with their blocks. We are going to make new ones soon. These ones are the first blocks I ever made and need a little restoration.  
Our home lacks ceiling fixtures in any of the bedrooms. We found a kit for $7 to add a fixture by running a cord up the wall. Perfect for over the reading table. 

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