Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan. 7th- hell, I mean the garage.

I think this is the worst area in our whole house. I run half of my business out of the garage, it is the drop off from the car to the house and with three boys sports stuff and junk it is always full. Shawn and I started the garage at 8am. We decided to go through EVERYTHING. I really think her is trying to get me to rethink my resolution when on the first weekend me suggested the garage. I was in on Tuesday but as it got closer to Sat. was a little less thrilled.  
We already have some really great shelving that we built a few years ago slong one whole side of our garage. Since starting the home business the garage has closed in one us. We went through each bag, box, container and shelf and threw away a ton of stuff. It felt great. Of course our trash will be full for the next month but it will be totally worth it. 
Here is the wood working area before. We normally don't keep our Christmas stuff in the garage but we were being lazy and hadn't moved it yet. 
and here is the after. Organized and clean!!!
Here is our shelf side of the garage. Nothing on the shelf and all in front of it. 
and the after. 7 hours of work but isn't it awesome. I am so glad everything has a spot, we can use the TV area again and all my work stuff isn't everywhere. What a difference a day makes! Now I am off to go great some dinner with my hubby as a reward for our hard work. 

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