Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan. 5th- reorganize the shower

I had a million things to get done for my business today so I needed a really quick project today. I was taking a shower when I looked around and thought ahh, the shower. I don't have a before shot because I was in the shower but here is the low down. This is the shower and bath our whole family uses. We have another bath/shower combo in another bathroom but the handle to turn it off and on is broken. We bought the stuff to six it about 3 years ago but it's all stuff that is in the wall and way to much for me to take on. 
We have a million shampoo's, toys, and other shower things that were basically ALL sitting on the triangle shelf looking thing behind the shower. I have never really known what to do with that spot. I tried pulling a cute plate and candles there but they just got wet and gross. Anyways I threw away all the unused bottles and junk and put the rest back on the hanging holder we have. 
I grabbed another one of the tubs I have a stash of in the garage to contain all the toys and tucked it on the other corner of the shower. I also picked up a new plastic shower liner at WalMart a few weeks ago that has been sitting in the counter so I finally took a second to put it up. The old one had black crap growing on the folds at the bottom. Yummy, I know. 
So here is the after. Clean and one again back in order. Now to just the kids to leave it that way. 

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