Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 24th- the worst project to date!

I will break it gently by showing you a picture of my husbands closet. He is always clean with the doors closed. 

The top of my dresser. Isn't it pretty?
There is one project that I have been putting off. It is the WORST project I will do this whole year. Ok, that's over exaggerating but I am like a little kid when it comes to cleaning my room and putting away my clothes. We were watching an episode of hoarders last night and they always make me feel gross. My husband compared my closet to hoarders. Need I say more? I have been begging my husband to build me shelves or to spend a bunch of money on a shelving unit for my closet. I am so glad that he didn't give in because all it would have done would be allowing me to keep all the crap I have in my closet instead of just purging it. so here it is! This is the hardest picture for me to post. 
my closet before. I can't even show you the other side because I can't open the door. What you can't see is that the floor is literally covered all the way to the base of the clothes that are hanging. 

I started by taking EVERYTHING out. I sorted it by clothes type and got rid of 4 giant black trash bags of clothes that were beached, torn, old and gross or I just hated! I also got rid of things that didn't fit. I think I had the closet of 8 woman with all the sizes I had. 
I loved these sandals so much I bought a new pair that was the same, only problem is I never got rid of the old ones. Yummy!
After! Just by hanging everything up and getting rid of stuff my closet is fully functional and the best part is I didn't spend a dime! I put things like purses, hats and old memories (baby clothes) in the baskets. 

The other side of my closet. Yes, this was the side I couldn't even get to. 
The top of my dresser. Feels so good to see it again. 
Since it didn't cost a dime maybe I can convince my hubby to buy me a new bedding set. Hmm, a girl can dream.

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