Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's month Mantel

This is our normal everyday mantel. Simple and clean (boring) I kept seeing cute little Valentine's day decor and decided to make my mantel my new holiday display. I don't have much stuff so I made a few things and pulled the other things out of storage to create a fun little mantel that I LOVE for Valentine's month. Here is the after
Here are the few things I did to get the look. First I used glue dots to add the love to the glass on my frame. They will come right off after I am done and I tucked the ribbon on the edge to make it look like it is hanging even though it isn't. I had 3 empty frames that I decided to make some little art projects for. The first I used a patterned background paper, cut out some x's and o's and threw it in the frame.

 Look two I cut out some little hearts on the Cricut and glued them to the paper. I added the Be Mine with a sharpy and look two was done.
 Look three is my favorite. I was looking for Valentine printables and came across this link I decided to print one of them. I added a little piece of ribbon at the top, 3 buttons to cute it up and color the little hearts at the bottom with a marker. So easy and I think it's my favorite of the bunch.
 I decided to make a garland of heart to hang as well. Did you know that you can sew threw paper? Oh ya you can. I cut out some hearts and got the design I wanted like below.
 Line up the first heart and start sewing.
 When you get to the edge of the heart line the second one up and feed it in as close to the first one as you can without over lapping. Of course if you like to look of overlapping them go for it.
 Repeat until you have a long enough garland for your mantel.
 I had some extra so decided to hole punch and tie a ribbon threw it to create the second row.
 Here is a close up of the right side of the mantel.
 Here is a close up of the left side.

I also decided to step out of the phone age and use my real camera. Aren't the pictures so much better? Well Happy Valentine's month. Make something fun and enjoy your home for the holiday.

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