Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finishing the porch and another gross closet redone

HAfter I posted yesterday I keep looking out at my new porch. I felt like it needed one more thing (or two) to really invite you to take a seat and relax. I decided to sew a few quick pillows with some old material I had in the garage and for the stuffing an old pillow that was going to be thrown away. A quick sew along the edge and 10 minutes later. Voila! 2 new pillows that I LOVE. Don't you just want to grab a book and sit in the lovely breeze? I do! I do want to get a little something cute for the table in more fun color but until I find the perfect thing a candle will do. 
I have a closet (man do we have a ton of closets) that is in our downstairs hallway. It is the backpack and book central for school, the important papers box, various computer cords and office supplies. It gets cleaned every 6 months or so but it is always a mess and the door never stays closed. Yuck!  There is a floor there somewhere (I think). Grabbed a trash can and started by filling it up. Took the games to the spot in the garage we made when we cleaned, put the baseball stuff with the baseball stuff in the garage, pulled in an old bookshelf that was going to the trash, a few tubs that were in the trash pile and a functional space or a cloffice (closet office) Homework will be easy to do, well maybe not easy to do but we will be able to find everything to do it. Room for the backpacks on the hooks that were taken over by my stash of backpacks. Re organized the drawers for todays uses. One of them said Ali's school and considering I have been done with school for about 2 years it was time to change. So there it is. Another organized space. 

After. Our little homework and
school supplies area.
I think the schools will be much happier
 if they see us taking care of the books. 

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