Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Front porch redo and my weekend recap

Aren't they the cutest ever?
rare pic I am going to add of myself. 
My husband was out of town for the weekend going to see some good friends and do some work stuff. This was a good thing for me because it gave me a chance to catch up on some blocks. Of course I didn't spend every waking moment on blocks but pretty close. The boys and I went to dinner during the superbowl so it was dead and we were able to act like dorks with no looks.

I also decided awhile ago that I really wanted to teach myself to crochet. I watched a few youtube videos and 3 hours later I have an eternity scarf. It is basically a circle scarf so you can double wrap it and wear it as a hat and scarf a the same time. 

The last few weeks my front porch has been driving me nuts. We had a wind storm and it took the matching chair to the one from the picture and blew it all to heck. We were down to one chair and a crappy table that we have had forever and it is in terrible shape. So here is the before. 

Here is our crappy table. Instead of getting a new one I decided to attack it with a paint brush and some leftover paint that matches our front door. A coat of paint and a little TLC and we are back in business. 

Here is the after. Bright, cheery and inviting. I am looking forward to hanging out on the porch with my hubby while we talk about the future over a cold beer. You can picture wine if you want as well. So for the project I revamped the table so that was free and the chairs I picked up on clearance because they had sticky stuff on them and were dirty. I washed them and used some 409 to get the sticky stuff off and for $14 I have a cute new porch.

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